Sing out, Louise!

Core Philosophy: 

Everyone can sing. 

Everyone should sing.

Let’s learn the games, techniques, and science that will get you confident enough to sing in front of other people. 



A 3-month private vocal coaching program that will be 70% silliness and 30% science (both of which are ESSENTIAL to confident singing).  

By the end of the program you will be able to confidently perform 2 songs in their entirety in front of an audience. 

We’ll meet privately once a week for an hour-long private session. We’ll do 3 sessions a month so you always have one week to relax/decompress/travel the globe. 

During these sessions, we’ll work on exercises to 

  • expand your vocal range
  • train your ear to better perceive pitch
  • Enable you to sing across a variety of styles

(This is the 30% science.)

We will also apply these techniques to the songs you’d like to perform.

(This is the 70% silliness.)


The investment for the program is either $1,200 if you pay in full for the whole 3 months or  $450/month if you’d rather pay in installments.

 Let's get loud. :)


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