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During this Zoom call, we'll get super clear about what your goals are as a public speaker and what's getting in the way of you reaching those goals. Then, we'll come up with a plan to address those stumbling blocks so you can masterfully step into the spotlight!

What folks are saying!


"If you want audience members to lean forward when you're speaking, even when you're presenting on a technical subject like computer programming, you need to hire Sara. Working with her one-on-one gave me the tools to walk into any speaking engagement feeling like I can own the room."

Senior Developer, Blissfully

"I loved Sara’s speaking workshop so much, especially the improv games. They really help me get out of my head and relax before confidently going into my speech."

CEO, Museum Hack

"I highly recommend working with Sara, whether you are just getting started with speaking, or you've been doing trainings and speaking on big stages for years, because Sara really does bring something new and special."

Founder/Copywriter/Writing Coach, Copy Luv

"What I liked the most about this workshop is that Sara really personalized it. Even though there were several different people with different presentation needs, she was able to work with each and every one of us individually to make us seem like we were the only one in the room. She made the workshop a lot of fun and I would take it again! Sara is a great coach and I would recommend her to anyone. "

Supervisor, Media Assembly

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That's literally my job. 

To learn more about me (Sara Glancy) and the whole Speak Masterfully ethos, hop on over to

(You can also shoot me an email at [email protected] if voice calls give you anxiety. But again...I'm very easy to talk to.)

Hope to chat soon!  


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