Can ChatGPT Write my TEDTalk?

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2023

Yesterday morning I did an experiment that I've been anxiously avoiding for weeks.

I tentatively opened up my laptop, opened my browser to the famous (or infamous) AI chatbot "ChatGPT," took a deep breath, and asked it a question...

"Hey ChatGPT, will you please write me a blog post about the importance of public speaking skills in an age where content writing will increasingly get outsourced to artificial intelligence such as yourself?"

10 seconds later, sitting before me was a well-structured and largely accurate email newsletter. 

It was pretty dry and generic, but it was passable. 

(Important note: THIS is not that blog. Please be reassured that any and all typos and malapropisms are completely my own. 😉)

Like so many people, I was equal parts impressed and distressed by this technology. 

Sure, I can write better content than ChatGPT, but I certainly can't write it faster.

What will this technology mean for creatives like myself who are largely hired for their wordsmithery skills?

Are the robots coming for my job?!  

Well, yes and no. 

I think it's inevitable that some content creation is going to get outsourced to AI. And, over time, this content will become less generic as the technology creating it improves.  

Maybe one day you'll be able to ask ChatGPT to write you a TEDTalk and it will come up with something innovative and inspiring. 

(We're certainly not there yet, but it could happen.)

Yes, ChatGPT can write your speech. But you know what it can't do? Deliver it. 

As a public speaking coach, you can see why I find this thought reassuring.  

Think about it: 

In a world where anyone can write a well-structured speech by entering a single-sentence prompt into a Chatbot, who is going to stand out from the crowd?

  • The presenter with the most human delivery 
  • The presenter who knows how to use their voice and body language to connect with an audience  
  • The presenter who can handle an impromptu question or curveball  

Because remember: It's not just what you say, it's also how you say it that matters.❤️

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Photograph of Sara Glancy on stairs
Headshot by Jessica Osber.

Sara Glancy is an NYC-based actor and public speaking coach and the founder of Speak Masterfully, a service that helps professionals take the stage with less fear and more fun! 

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