Why do stories work?

“Let me tell you a story”

To me, that is one of the most beautiful sentences in the human language. And fortunately for me, I get to hear it a lot in my line of work. 

Story, my friends, is the word of the day. 

Today I want to talk about the science of story and a simple trick for weaving storytelling into even the driest of presentations

Here's a fun fact about Story:

When we hear a good story, our brains release oxytocin

Oxytocin is one of those feel-good hormones that's specifically associated with trust and bonding. You can see why this might be especially powerful when you’re giving a presentation.  

Perhaps you've heard that old business school adage, “We buy from brands that we know, like, and trust.” 

Well, this doesn’t just apply to our shopping habits. We also buy into ideas from people that we know, like, and trust.

So, if you want to build trust with an audience, one of the best ways you can do that is to tell them a story.

Of course, not all stories are created equal...

If you're looking to become the kind of storyteller that can get that sweet oxytocin flowing, we should chat! I still have a couple openings on my private coaching roster, and I'd love to save you a spot. 

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Let's make 2024 the year that you step into the spotlight with confidence! I guarantee that you have a story to tellAll you need are the tools to tell it.  

Photograph of Sara Glancy on stairs
Headshot by Jessica Osber.

Sara Glancy is an NYC-based actor and public speaking coach and the founder of Speak Masterfully, a service that helps professionals take the stage with less fear and more fun! 

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